Here at New Living we have 11 different certified organic pillows. Not only is your mattress important, your pillow is crucial because it’s usually right under your nose. The key to my heart is a soft cushy pillow with just the right amount of give so I can curl up in bed on my stomach. The worst sleeping experience is having to deal with a pillow that’s too firm, has too many down feather sticking in your cheek or smells weird. Don’t continue living with a bad pillow!

All the pillows at New Living are OMI, a certified organic product line. OMI takes certified organic all the way to the chemical free and organic factory where the pillows and mattresses are made. These pillow are made of different combinations of organic cotton, organic wool, buckwheat, and natural latex.

The more traditional wool and cotton pillows come in different fullnesses to suit any sleeper:

  1. Light (most popular for stomach sleepers)
  2. Medium (most popular for back sleepers)
  3. Full (most popular for side sleepers)

Other pillow options include Buckwheat and Wool, Molded Latex (one solid piece of latex in the shape of a traditional pillow), Contour Latex (shaped to give your neck the proper support), Shredded Latex with Wool Wrap (feels a lot like down, with non of the allergens), and the Crush (a thick pillow filled with finely shredded latex).

Our most popular pillow is the Crush and yes, I think I have a new crush on this pillow. The most interesting pillow award goes to the buckwheat option. It makes me feel like I’m sleeping on a soft bean bag.

Sizes of pillows at New Living: Standard, Queen and King

I tested the whole lot this afternoon trying to decide on my favorite. It’s a toss up! I admit I am one of those people who has 3 different types of pillows on my bed depending on my sleeping mood. The ones able to suit my needs best are the organic cotton light, the crush pillow and the molded latex. Everyone has their favorite pillow. What’s yours? Better yet, come try ours!


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