Let’s Celebrate! We’ve Created the First Certified Non-Toxic Sofa in the US

We’ve got big news that we are so excited to share! Our very own Tilly Sofa is officially the first certified non-toxic sofa in the USA!

At New Living, we care about health and not only feature organic and natural mattresses from lots of health conscious brands, we also create pieces with our partners HTX Made.

tilly sofa certified organic sofa new living

The Tilly Sofa is one of our favorite pieces and is created with Europly a very durable compressed wood, and natural latex. It is lined with wool and covered in an organic cotton canvas. They are available printed with artwork by Melissa Eason or bare to show off the gorgeous wood. With either style, you are going to love the look of the Tilly Sofa!

The Tilly Sofa is neutral in color and fabulously modern. It is cozy, comfy and is a piece of furniture that is built to last a lifetime.

With a certified non-toxic sofa, you can rest easy with no worry of chemical off gasing, fire retardants or other chemicals that you may want to avoid in your home. If you are starting the journey of learning about toxic chemicals that can be found in your home, we’ve created this blog post that outlines the worst of the bunch. Have a read and learn how to better protect your health and your home.

tilly sofa organic furniture new living

The process of certification took many months and lots of detail oriented studies on the ingredients we used. We worked with Made Safe, a group that certifies home goods, beauty products, and other items you may encounter daily. Made Safe not only takes into account the ingredients that are used but they also look at the supply chain and where each ingredient is coming from.

They look at the effects of each ingredient and the manufacturing processes to understand how each ingredient effects human health and the human body. They also look for environmental concerns and how each ingredient can affect the oceans, wildlife, air quality, and water quality.

the first certified organic sofa

To be deemed “Safe” by Made Safe, it means that ingredients are not known or suspected to cause human health harm as determined by scientifically recognized lists from around the world. In order to do this, their scientists and/or advisors analyze the materials, ingredients and chemical components of a product (as obtained through our required paper screening) to ensure it does not contain harmful ingredients or release vapors, gases, or by-products that could impact human health.

made safe logo certified non toxic new living furniture

That means that every ingredient used was carefully selected and the Tilly Sofa was carefully constructed with thoughtful care! We are so happy to announce that we passed with flying colors.

Next month, Made Safe will be joining us in person to award us this Certified Non-Toxic Standard and celebrate this huge feat!

Want to try out the Tilly Sofa for yourself? Join us in store at New Living at 6111 Kirby Dr. Houston TX.

Or get to know HTX Made better and their gorgeous line of handcrafted furniture.

You can also try the Tilly Sofa at the Rest & Rec Pop Up at 321 A W 19th St. 77008.

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