Toxic Memory Foam

You spend one-third of your life in bed. Do you know what’s in your bed? In the air you breathe while you sleep?

One of the biggest groups of customers we have is people who have recently purchased memory foam mattresses. Some of them are able to return their mattresses. Others choose to sell or trash these large purchases in exchange for something purer, healthier, and greener. Here are 5 things to consider before you buy a memory foam mattress.


1. The memory foam in these mattresses is made with petroleum-based chemicals. Many of our purchasers are against supporting these industries and creating a market for these unsustainable products. But many, many more of our customers simply are worried about the health effects of sleeping on a bed of petrochemicals. Think about it: discerning  consumers are moving away from using food wrappers, cosmetics, and other items made with petroleum by-products; Why would you choose to spend one-third of your life lying on one.

2. Walter Bader, founder of Organic Mattresses, Inc. sent a popular memory foam brand mattress to a reputable laboratory and had it tested for off-gassing. (The process by which something emits noxious gasses containing unhealthy Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs) What he found was shocking! He found that the mattress contained 61 VOC chemicals, many of them carcinogenic. Read more here.

3. This off-gassing is most often experienced by customers as a nasty smell. Google the words “memory foam smelly” and you’ll see thousands of customer complaints. Remember, of our five senses, scent has the most direct connection with the brain; If you’re smelling something, you are literally breathing in tiny particles of whatever you are smelling!

4. Synthetic materials like those that make up memory foam mattresses are often said to “sleep hot.” This is a very prevalent customer complaint for these brands. This is because synthetic fibers don’t “breathe.” Think of the difference between wearing cotton and polyester!

5. It doesn’t have to be this way! We have a complete line of organic, natural, and non-toxic mattresses for all budgets. We carefully vet our brands to make sure we are carrying the healthiest, greenest products out there, and you can be confident that we work hard to be the first line of defense against greenwashing. Stop by today and see our healthier, greener, non-carcinogenic, not-smelly, not-hot mattresses!


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