Mother of 3, Amber Toll tells us about her experience switching to organic mattresses!

My triplets (2 boys, 1 girl) are closing in on 5 years old. Both of the boys Cooper and Carson have Autism and my girl Camryn also has chemical sensitivites.  Most people do not realize that Autism is not just a neurological disorder, but it also affects multiple systems within the body, including the body’s ability to detox chemicals and metals.  Once I found this out, I have made it my mission to rid my children’s environment of as many toxins as humanly possible thus lowering their body’s total toxic burden.  It has been a process for sure, but I am a determined mother who wants to provide every opportunity for their little bodies to heal and grow.
We have been on this journey for just over 2 years now, and were ready for the next step in cleaning up their environment.  I came across the New Living and Green Painter stores upon an internet search for toxin free paints and mattresses.  I called and was lucky enough that Adam Brackman was willing to meet my husband and I on July 4th (when the store was closed) to discuss our needs and see the products both stores had to offer.

Adam was very knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating and sensitive to our needs.  New Living proves that going green doesn’t always come with a higher price-tag, however, we sometimes struggle to be able to provide for everything that our special family needs. We would only be able to afford two of the mattresses for the boys at this time and would hopefully be able to buy Camryn her own non-toxic mattress later in the year. When it came time for the mattresses to be delivered, Adam and his crew showed upto deliver the two mattresses. We had prepared our daughter and told her that today was about her brothers getting beds and she would get her own “big girl” bed soon. Camryn was filled with joy to see her brothers new beds, but felt a little left out and asked “when do I get my own bed?” We were prepared to repeat what we had been telling her, but to all of our surprise, Adam said “How about today?” and miraculously pulled a third mattress out of the truck for her. He had worked behind the scenes and with some help from OMI and his family, they had taken care of her mattress. Wow! We were thrilled and Camryn was on her own “big girl” bed in minutes! Adam and OMI went to great lengths to work with our family to make our mission a reality. We are TRULY thankful to him for all of his efforts and are humbled by his sensitivity to our mission and circumstance!!!  Thank you Adam, OMI and New Living!

Since purchasing the mattresses, we have also decided to paint the kid’s rooms.  We were extremely nervous to use paint from our local hardware stores due to the many allergies that our children have, but after doing our research, we were so happy that we trusted our instincts!  We found that New Living’s NOVOC paint offered so many more greener options than what I had found in our previous research.  After painting both rooms with NOVOC paint, we did not notice reactions from any of the children–so we were obviously thrilled!

Thank you!!
The Toll Patrol
Amber, Dale, Cooper, Carson, and Camryn



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