Bob Card of Greenwood Bay on "The Important Stuff": Why he uses our stains and coatings

Bob Card, owner of Greenwood Bay Woodworking Studio here in Houston has been a long time customer of New Living and the The Green Painter. We in turn have been a long time supporter of his work, and over the years have featured furniture and headboards made at his studio.

His  live edge furniture  and other work has quickly gained attention for its creative style and quality craftsmanship, and his client base includes leading designers from Houston to New York City, top residential and commercial projects, as well as a certain major chain of coffee shops.

In a recent conversation with him, we were intrigued by his comments about products sold at New Living and the Green Painter.   Like many of our clients, Bob loves the fact our finishes are non-toxic and low odor.  What got our attention was what he said about the performance.   He’s found that these products out perform others on the market, and that being “green” doesn’t mean spending more, or compromising quality.

Said Card, “There are a lot of finishes out now that – both “green” and traditional – but I’ve not found anything that does better than Lobasol for a quality penetrating oil finish.  I tried saving some money using one of the competing brands on this live edge dining table but couldn’t get the quality of finish I wanted.  After many “fixes” I finally sanded it back down and used Lobasol. As you can see, it worked beautifully.  This is a product that is easy to work with, and builds up to a beautiful finish. I could have saved a lot of time, money and trouble just by using Lobasol from the start.  Its been my “go to” finish ever since.

I love the look of oil finishes and use them on most of my projects. But sometimes clients want a finish to fully coat the wood. In those cases, I use Vermont Natural’s Poly Whey.  It is easy to apply, dries fast, and is extremely durable.  I’ve used this for several of my commercial and restaurant clients, and they’ve all loved the finish. I don’t offer Poly Whey as “an option” to traditional poly: if they want a hard topcoat, I use Poly Whey – period.”

Thank you, Bob, for sharing your experience with us, and for underscoring the fact that New Living’s paints and coatings are the best products out there.  If you are in the market for great looking custom furniture, please do check out Bob’s work at Greenwood Bay.  And for all of your painting and coating needs, come to us to get the best products you can buy.


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