Joseph Fowler of Forrest Design Build talks about one of his most recent green build-outs!

In the last five years, Forest Design Build has had its share of landmark projects.  New Living, American Apparel, One Green Street, Café Brazils, Define Body and Mind, and InnerWisdom are some of our greatest achievements. We are proud to say that we can add one more ground breaking business to our list. This past year, we were fortunate enough to be a part of the build-out of the coolest new store on Montrose, Settlement Goods and Design.

The three brains behind the American made goods store are the husband and wife team, Jenny and Gene Morgan, and friend and designer, Alicia Redman. It is pretty rare for us to work with multiple business owners who are all artistically gifted.  It was quite refreshing to work with artists who demanded a sustainable build out, while refusing to sacrifice architecture and vision.  They brought us a clean, minimalist design, which incorporated refurbishing the existing concrete floors, non-toxic coatings and adhesives (supplied by New Living), reclaimed wood cladding, locally fabricated fixtures, and repurposed glazing from the previous tenant.  The Fixtures were designed in collaboration with and fabricated by Dump Truck Design.

After the team of three sat down to unveil their overall plan, we dug through our library of reclaimed materials, in order to draw up the plan for the rotating windows, sliding mirrored partition, and rod-n-shelves. Working with materials as a starting point for design is always a tricky and fun way to create something.  It never ceases to amaze me how cool it is to give new life to an object or material that was going to be discarded out of foolish waste.  The store and its products are proof that there is a real value and purpose to supporting a better way to do business and shop!

Anyone interested in high fashion that supports grassroots American industry needs to check out SGC on their next consumer outing.



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