OMI Cascade Mattress

OMI Certified Organic Mattress is created in an all organic facility in California. Shop certified organic mattresses from New Living Houston.

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OrganicPedic© by OMI

These healthy mattresses are made in an all-organic factory in California. Organic Mattresses, Inc (OMI) CEO Walt Bader has become a leading voice against the use of chemicals in mattresses, and runs his company with the same devotion to scientific research and health. With a natural latex or innerspring and shredded latex core, OMI mattresses are wrapped in organic wool, and covered in organic cotton. These are the mattresses you are seeking if you are looking for the healthiest mattress available. With over ten third-party certifications relating to health or the environment, and their own OMI Purity Guarantee, you won’t be disapointed in the purity of these mattresses!

Organic Mattresses, Inc. (OMI) mattresses and bedding are produced in the nation’s only large-scale 100% organic factory. These handmade mattresses are sourced in the USA from the finest organic and certified raw materials. Come see why OMI makes the #1 selling organic mattress in the United States.

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