How to Pick the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home or Office

Our Color Mixologist, Trish Buscemi gives us some insight into how to choose the best color for whatever you are painting!

Color is the reflection of light. The lighting in the room you are about to paint is a critical element when trying to choose the right color. The window treatments and furnishings are also full of color and are also reflections of light thus contributing elements that can change the color once applied to the wall.

So just how do you pick the paint that best suits your style?

  • First, when using a fan deck of colors, go into the room you want to paint.
  • Second, if you want to choose a sage green, for example, try looking in the beiges and grays first, and finding one with a hint of green. Sometimes the colors in the “green” section of the fan deck are too bright or vibrant, and this technique can help you find more subtle hues. This goes for reds, greens and blues especially.
  • Third, when using the fan deck look at the darkest color first even though that would not be the depth of color you are looking for. However, by looking at the darkest color it is a little easier to see just what hue the lighter version is pigmented with predominantly. In other words, you can determine if in the blues for example, whether it is a green blue, violet blue, etc.
  • Fourth, buy a sample of the color or colors you desire and paint them on poster board. Tack the poster board in different areas of the room at different times of the day to see how it looks.
  • Fifth, come by The Green Painter and we would be happy to help you find a solution!

Stop by The Green Painter on Saturdays to meet Trish, our super color mixologist and founder of Colors Matter and Two Sisters Painting!



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