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30% off Sale


Happy Holidays!  Even though our Rice Village location will be closed for Black Friday, we’re gearing up our Heights Store with some great gift items!


Coyuchi Sheet sets and pillow cases

Coyuchi 2

Birch and Goldberry Candles


Skin and Even’s Lounge Wear


Juniper Ridge Christmas Tree Spray


Select showroom organic mattress models at Heights will be part of the 30% off sale. See store for details! (Sale is only valid 11/27-11/29/15)

OMI sale

Behind the scenes…

Last week you met the faces that run the shop, this week we would like to give you an insider look at what happens in the shop from beginning to end. Come on in!
Step 1 In our workshop, the first step is brainstorming to generate new ideas. Once a week our team gets together to discuss ideas, thoughts and concerns around new designs. This step requires a lot of research from our team and many revisits to the drawing board.
Step 2 Once our team have agreed upon a design, it’s time for them to pull out all of their markers, pens and pencils for the next step, concept drawings. These drawings include measurements, angles, colors, and different views of the design. This is a tedious process but definitely a necessary one.
Step 3 Once our designers have completed a conceptual drawing, the next step is prototyping. Prototyping can include a lot of trial and error and believe it or not …even a little frustration at times. This is where our team finds out if we are ready to move toward the next step or if we need to go back and try something a little different.
Step 4 – the final step! After the concept drawings have been completed and approved, our team moves on to the final step, production! This includes cutting, sanding, gluing, staining and finishing.
As you can tell, our team is passionate about designing and producing locally made, healthy furniture. They take time to look into every little detail to make sure that they get the design right and offer the highest quality products. Thank you for letting us show you everything that happens behind the scenes in our shop! If you are interested in meeting with one of our artisans schedule an appointment here!


We often send around some of our finished designs and sketches but today we wanted to introduce you to the faces that are behind it all.Our designers and artisans work along side a team of shop hands to make all the magic happen right here in Houston. Come meet some of our team!

JOSE Project Manager

Jose started as an intern at New Living nearly two years ago while studying Industrial Design at the University of Houston. He now oversees all of our projects from beginning to end, including designing, prototyping and constructing. Jose is innovative, creative and obsessive about ways to improve the production process to make it as efficient as possible, so we can offer our customers the most cost effective options for our HTX made furniture.

HTX made furniture.

PETER Lead Artisan

Peter is our lead artisan in the workshop. He helps with everything from designing to constructing. He first started with New Living one year ago and has continuously proven his skill as an artisan. Peter has a great eye for detail and is helping move several of our new catalog design towards a modern, natural aesthetic.

 BRANDY Lead Designer

Brandy started with New Living in the beginning of the summer and is a recent graduate from RISD.  She specializes in upholstery but is also involved in all things involving design and prototyping. She knows how to keep up with the latest trends while still adding a unique touch to our designs.

If you are ever interested in coming to meet one of our artisans in person, schedule an appointment here!We hope you have enjoyed meeting our team..

                                                            …stayed tuned for next week as we will give a tour of the Made @ Shop!

Y o g a   N i d r a


We are so excited to announce that you can now come refresh during the day at our (for now monthly) Yoga Nidra class that will commence at New Living Bedroom in the Heights next Friday during Siesta hour – yes that’s right folks, we are now officially closed from 2-3 pm Mon-Fri (at Heights only) for Siesta! Our good friends with Houston’s Yoga Collective will be leading us in an hour of Yoga Nidra taught by Lauren Tennet – everyone is welcome! Yoga is the perfect way to relax and take time out of your day to rest and rejuvenate. The class will be $12 for anyone who is a member of Yoga Collective and $17 for all other guests. Sign up here!  For anyone who buys a pillow before or after the class, New Living will cover your class.

Nidra Yoga
November 6, 2015 |  2-3 pm
New Living Bedroom (Houston Heights)
321 A W 19th Street

Stay tuned for more upcoming classes!

10 fun things to do on an Organic Mattress

Besides what you might be thinking, we’re proponents of maximizing the health benefits of an organic mattress in lots of other ways. Here are 10 of our favorite suggestions…

Stephy on a bed

1. Have a toxin free sleep. You breathe enough chemicals throughout the day. Sleep is one of the few controlled exposures where you can really protect yourself.
2. Take a siesta! Studies have shown that a 20 minute power nap can lower stress, improve heart and overall health, and increase productivity. That’s why we’re scheduling siestas (for our team in the afternoon) at our Heights store, and inviting anyone and everyone over for “Free Naps” any other time! Please see extended store hours for Heights below.
3. Eat an organic frozen breakfast popsicle– A B POP!– made by some of our closest friends in Houston!
4. Share your bed with your pet. We are proud to say that our shop dog Tilly is going strong at 15+ years old, we call her the Benjamin Button of Dogs because of how healthy she is. She has slept organic for over six years now, and we would never dream of letting her sleep on a normal mattress.
5. Practice Nidra Yoga! This can be one of the most restorative things you can do, in bed, before going to sleep. Look for an announcement about a monthly Nidra Yoga class at our Heights location starting this fall with our friend Lauren Tennant from Yoga Collective. 
6. Cuddle. Studies have shown that when we cuddle with a partner it literally releases serotonin and dopamine, meaning we’re happier when we cuddle. Cuddle therapy is all the rage in the Northwest right now with professional cuddles and cuddle studios. Seriously. We might not have this in Houston, but we have Tilly and she’s an incredible cuddlier. We are always happy to rent her, for free by the hour.. Please let us know if you ever want to schedule a cuddle session on an organic mattress with our shop dog and we’ll make it happen. 
7. Sleep cooler! Because our mattresses aren’t made with a bed of poly-based oil, they sleep cooler.
8. Read your favorite book, or a Zine from Thirty Magazines at NLB, 30 minutes before you go to sleep. 
9. Dream– by practicing many of these healthy habits, it should make it easier to have better dreams. Dreams allow us as humans to be as honest and authentic as we can possibly be with ourselves. 
10. Do what’s natural! The other benefit to sleeping on pure botanical foam, as opposed to memory foam, is that you don’t sink into your bed. There’s nothing natural about sinking into your bed during intimacy. Everything is better on an organic mattress;)

As mentioned above we have just started a siesta hour at our Heights location Monday-Friday from 2-3 pm. Our new store hours during the week (for Heights location only) are Monday-Friday 10-7 pm with a siesta hour for our employees from 2-3 pm.


10 Ways to sleep healthy, safe and better today

Last week we heard from local holistic health guide and yoga instructor, Lauren Tennet on ways to improve your sleep.  Here are 10 helpful tips that we learned…

1. Try inverted poses or light Yoga to help calm you before bed.
2. Senses

  • Sight – make sure that your room is dark.  Turn off your phone and all electronics 30 minutes before bed.
  • Sounds – have either silence or soothing music. Silence is the ultimate way to turn off the busy mind and unwind.
  • Touch – massages are a great way to wind down before bed! Also make sure that your bed is nice and comfortable.  Lush pillows and a cushy comforter will put you at ease.
  • Smell – lavender, vetiver, chamomile, and marjoram are all great scents to help you unwind.
  • Taste – Things such as almonds, cherries and dark chocolate make a good bedtime snack. Also try a glass of raw, warm milk with a pinch of nutmeg or ginger.

3. Drink Chamomile tea before bed
4. Keep your bedroom cool while sleeping
5. Make sure you get enough exercise
6. Air filtration – Clean air can help you sleep better!
7. Try not to eat more than two hours before going to bed.
8. Try to have a consistent routine.
9. Avoid eating a lot of meat or fried food before bed.
10. And of course…sleep on an organic mattress!

Upcoming Events and Sales…
  • Health Talk with Doctor Landrigan on October 8th– We still have room available – email or call us to secure your spot!
  • OMI 20% off flash sale until September 27th! (on select mattresses only)
  • We have one of our biggest mattress sales ever coming up in October at our Heights store! We will be offering up to 25% off of one of our most affordable healthy mattresses, stay tuned for details.

Dear friends,
We are so excited to host this very special breakfast on October 8th. Dr. Landrigan is one of the leading experts in the country advocating for healthier, safer chemistry to protect American families. Truly the who, what and why behind our mission. This dialogue is geared towards medical professionals and public health leaders but we have room to accommodate up to 20 friends and supporters of our community. Please RSVP by next week if you are interested in joining.

Other upcoming Events and Sales…
  • Movie Night! On September 24, we will be hosting a movie night at New Living Bedroom in the Heights.  For more information, follow the link below. We hope to see you there, all are welcome!
  • OMI 20% off sale starting October 16th on select mattresses and accessories
  • We have one of our biggest mattress sales ever coming up in October at our Heights store! We will be offering up to 25% off of one of our most affordable healthy mattresses, stay tuned for details.

You’re invited to a party!
We hope you can join us in celebrating the launch of two beautiful, healthy lines made in Houston, only available at New Living Bedroom.

Instagram Event

NL KIDS is a furniture line that is made up of beautiful, pure and natural pieces for you and your children to enjoy.  Each piece is designed by Cris Marusiak and built by our team of artisans. NL KIDS is completely toxin-free and invites the beauty of nature into your home using reclaimed materials and organic fillers such as natural rubber, wool, and cotton.

EVENS’ textiles are sourced responsibly and largely dyed and printed in Kate DePara’s studio here in Houston, Texas.  Every piece reflects the excellence and simplicity of nature and is handmade using natural silk, linen and cotton.

Come celebrate the alliance of good health and design with us  at our Launch Party!
When: September 5th, 4:00 – 7:00
Where: New Living Bedroom, 321 A W. 19th St. Houston, TX 77008
There will be live music, refreshments, and good conversation.
Hope to see you- bring your friends!

Here are some of our favorite new pieces we’ve been creating,
come in and see for yourself, and see what we can do for you!

We recently delivered this live edge table to a customer’s home, it pairs great with these modern chairs.
Our live edge bed is a favorite of ours to make, and our community seems to like it just as much.
We made the beautiful stool for a beer garden opening this fall in Houston’s inner-city. It’s now a catalog piece available at both of our shops.
Our Made @ team is hard at work developing a natural, non-toxic sofa; stay tuned for updates.
Take a stand for health with our locally made standing desk.
Nature can always be at your side with this side table.
This live edge bar stool is one of our newest products to come out of Made @ New Living.
As always, we are proud to adhere to the purest standards in furniture production anywhere.