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New Living is always looking for people passionate about the green building movement to help with all positions including interns, a bookkeeper/assistant, retail salespeople and upper level management.

Our mission at New Living is to help our customers make responsible, healthy, eco-friendly decisions when selecting everyday home essentials. Our products help create cleaner homes, healthier neighborhoods, and greener communities.

Email us at

Ideal candidates have:
• a strong passion for the green movement and making the world a better place, starting at home
• efficient with computer programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel, and possibly quickbooks and POS systems
• retail experience and ideally some construction/interior experience
• the ability to learn, retain, and apply information
• the ability to engage in active communication
• the desire to be an integral part of a high growth business
A retail background is a plus. A passion for green, healthy living is a must. We look forward to hearing from you.


New Living is pleased to announce that Green Lily Events has signed up for a desk! Green Lily Events is a boutique event management and planning firm that styles events such as weddings, social events, corporate events, and any other celebration of life. Since all events have an effect on the environment, they have chosen to create events that are lighter in footprint by using resources that are sustainable, yet stylish. All of their events include recycling, floral decor donations, and food repurposing (when possible).

Their website is and their blog can be found at

Find out more about New Living Coworking.

The New York Times recently ran an article about the organic mattress industry. The article, “The Stuffing Dreams are Made of?”, does a wonderful job discussing what is in organic mattresses, as well as how these materials may harm or help you. New Living is currently carrying several lines of organic mattresses including  Keetsa and Natura World, please call us or come by to order one. Learn more on our detailed FAQ page.

This week the Houston Business Journal completed their “Then and Now” piece on New Living, which they began on February 15, 2008. The article captures much of what we are doing amidst selling eco-friendly home and building supplies: the Social Impact Cleaning Line that we make in conjunction with the Jewish Family Service; our coworking space for green entrepreneurs; and our vision of turning New Living into a community hub for fun and educational events.

Green Earth Detail, a full-service eco-friendly car wash and detailer, opened last week in northwest Houston. Green Earth uses a non-toxic solution and a water-conserving method that saves between 40 and 160 gallons per wash.  They will be celebrating with a grand opening on December 6.  Yet another way to incorporate healthy, eco-friendly products and services into your daily life right here in Houston!

Yolo Colorhouse Paint

YOLO Colorhouse paint is zero VOC (no volatile organic compounds) base and contains no ammonia, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, or crystalline silica. YOLO’s designer-driven palette is specifically designed for interiors and is inspired by our natural surroundings.

In today’s Houston Chronicle “Ultimate Houston” section, New Living was picked as the place to go for green goods.  As this is exactly our mission, we are thrilled by the coverage!  The snippet also discussed our expansion plans–and, yes, we’ve begun.  The last of Wagner Hardware’s inventory is being removed, and we will begin to remodel the space next week.  We will be open throughout the renovation process, so come check out all of our green goods!