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Is your sofa sabotaging your health? Most sofas and couches contain treated synthetic fabrics and petroleum-based foams infused with flame retardants, which have been linked to cancer, obesity, infertility and developmental brain disorders. These foams degrade over time into chemical-saturated dust that every person in the home breathes in or ingests (with infants and children absorbing the most).
Savvy Rest organic sofas are the beautiful and safe alternative that will not add toxic chemicals or off-gassing to your home environment. Savvy Rest sofas and loveseats are made with natural talalay latex foam, organic fabrics and beautiful hardwood.
• Certified sustainable maple
• Cradle-to-Cradle certified natural Talalay latex
• Certified organic wool
• Certified organic hemp
• Certified organic cotton
• GreenGuard-certified adhesive
• Natural coir (coconut fiber with natural latex)
• Natural jute webbing
• Low-VOC water-based stain
• Zero-VOC linseed oil

Come celebrate Axelrad Beer Garden with New Living!

Art show

Happy Holidays!

Please stop by the brand new Axelrad Beer Garden and support several local artisans who are doing a holiday craft fair.

New Living is proud to have been integrally involved in creating Axelrad, the brand new beer garden at the corner of Alabama and Almeda, where East Midtown, Third Ward, and the Museum District meet.

Working hand in hand with Axelrad, New Living’s team of artisans built the benches, bar stools, cedar planks for beer tastings and more. We also tracked down the cool 1970’s era outdoor tables. Our artisans aimed to merge Axelrad’s indoor and outdoor into a seamless organic whole.

Axelrad is more than just a craft beer in a beautiful garden setting. It is a community gathering place offering live music and the city’s only hammock grove! Axelrad will partner with community art groups to screen films. Festivals will regularly take place on the garden grounds. The bar is housed inside a 100-year-old renovated building,formerly a Third Ward grocery store.

Like New Living, Axelrad is all about making Houston a cooler, more livable and more relaxing urban city. Axelrad is a place for Houstonians from all walks of life and diversity of neighborhoods. Local craft beers start at $3.

Axelrad is pouring craft beers made by local brewers including Buffalo Brewery, 8th Wonder Brewery, and Brash Brewing.

The Beer Garden’s awesome hammock grove features gorgeous hammocks made by New Living’s vendor, Yellow Leaf Hammocks, available at our Heights location.

Axelrad’s lush landscaping was designed by Jenny Janis of Sherwood Engineer Designs. Jenny also designed the city’s first parklette, located in front of New Living Bedroom on 19th street in the Heights.

Many of Axelrad’s team members are on New Living’s team – we’re like family. Jeff Kaplan, Adam Brackman, and Monte Large are involved in both ventures, for example, as is Evan O’neil who does branding for both operations. And interior designer Gin Bravermen of Gindesigns, who worked at New Living early in her design career, created the warm interiors of Axelrad.

The beautiful plantings at Axelrad came from local organic nursery The Ground Up.

Please drop by either our Rice Village or Heights store. We want to give your own home that same fun, natural vibe you’ll find at Axelrad, whether it’s your own custom crafted bar stools, bench, table, or bed frame, all made by our HTX artisans using natural coatings.

And take a free nap on one of our organic, chemical free mattresses to get a sense of what it’s like to sleep healthy while you dream of kicking back at Axelrad.

We hope to see you at the art fair where several of our New Living artisans will have affordable pieces for sale for the holidays! Show this email to the Axelrad staff on Saturday 12/19 during the art fair event and receive one free drink of your choice on New Living.

Also, look for small products from our New Living artisans that will be for sale at the Beer garden soon!

S M A L L   B U S I N E S S   S A T U R D A Y


Hi friends, we hope you had a great holiday. We want to remind you that today is Small Business Saturday and we are offering the following items on sale today and tomorrow!

We are also excited to introduce our new HTX beanies made of natural wool! Come by our Heights location to check them out.


30% off Skin and Even’s Loungewear


30% off Juniper Ridge Christmas Tree Spray


Select showroom organic mattress models at Kirbyand Heights will be part of the 30% off sale. See store for details! (Sale is only valid through 11/29/15) + 20% off OMI mattresses at Kirby

OMI sale

30% off in stock Sefte blankets


30% off of any showroom floor model Cisco products



30% off Sale


Happy Holidays!  Even though our Rice Village location will be closed for Black Friday, we’re gearing up our Heights Store with some great gift items!


Coyuchi Sheet sets and pillow cases

Coyuchi 2

Birch and Goldberry Candles


Skin and Even’s Lounge Wear


Juniper Ridge Christmas Tree Spray


Select showroom organic mattress models at Heights will be part of the 30% off sale. See store for details! (Sale is only valid 11/27-11/29/15)

OMI sale

Behind the scenes…

Last week you met the faces that run the shop, this week we would like to give you an insider look at what happens in the shop from beginning to end. Come on in!
Step 1 In our workshop, the first step is brainstorming to generate new ideas. Once a week our team gets together to discuss ideas, thoughts and concerns around new designs. This step requires a lot of research from our team and many revisits to the drawing board.
Step 2 Once our team have agreed upon a design, it’s time for them to pull out all of their markers, pens and pencils for the next step, concept drawings. These drawings include measurements, angles, colors, and different views of the design. This is a tedious process but definitely a necessary one.
Step 3 Once our designers have completed a conceptual drawing, the next step is prototyping. Prototyping can include a lot of trial and error and believe it or not …even a little frustration at times. This is where our team finds out if we are ready to move toward the next step or if we need to go back and try something a little different.
Step 4 – the final step! After the concept drawings have been completed and approved, our team moves on to the final step, production! This includes cutting, sanding, gluing, staining and finishing.
As you can tell, our team is passionate about designing and producing locally made, healthy furniture. They take time to look into every little detail to make sure that they get the design right and offer the highest quality products. Thank you for letting us show you everything that happens behind the scenes in our shop! If you are interested in meeting with one of our artisans schedule an appointment here!


We often send around some of our finished designs and sketches but today we wanted to introduce you to the faces that are behind it all.Our designers and artisans work along side a team of shop hands to make all the magic happen right here in Houston. Come meet some of our team!

JOSE Project Manager

Jose started as an intern at New Living nearly two years ago while studying Industrial Design at the University of Houston. He now oversees all of our projects from beginning to end, including designing, prototyping and constructing. Jose is innovative, creative and obsessive about ways to improve the production process to make it as efficient as possible, so we can offer our customers the most cost effective options for our HTX made furniture.

HTX made furniture.

PETER Lead Artisan

Peter is our lead artisan in the workshop. He helps with everything from designing to constructing. He first started with New Living one year ago and has continuously proven his skill as an artisan. Peter has a great eye for detail and is helping move several of our new catalog design towards a modern, natural aesthetic.

 BRANDY Lead Designer

Brandy started with New Living in the beginning of the summer and is a recent graduate from RISD.  She specializes in upholstery but is also involved in all things involving design and prototyping. She knows how to keep up with the latest trends while still adding a unique touch to our designs.

If you are ever interested in coming to meet one of our artisans in person, schedule an appointment here!We hope you have enjoyed meeting our team..

                                                            …stayed tuned for next week as we will give a tour of the Made @ Shop!