The Most Important Green Space In Your Home

Having a baby is indeed a happy and exciting time. Once your find out you are expecting, your mind starts racing about nursery themes, adorable baby clothes and anything cutesy. We assume that everything that is marketed as a baby product is safe. In truth, it really isn’t.

There are some very basic safety standards for baby products. While significant testing is done on car seats, toys, gear and nursery products, true safety testing is limited. Government standards focus on safety in terms of a child getting physically or visibly injured. However, manufacturers are not require to warn parents about toxic materials used making products deemed safe, still possibly unsafe. Furthermore, so many people are uneducated about toxins, they don’t realize that so many products intended for babies are actually dangerous.

Not all manufacturers and retailers are malicious. Many are just uneducated. You as a parent must educate yourself on safety standards, toxic chemicals and brands known for including unsafe materials in their products. We cannot depend on the manufacturer to know what’s best for our babies.

If I had to pick one place to go green, I’d pick the nursery. Why go green in your nursery? Honestly, you just can’t control what others do. Schools, daycares, activity centers, even our vehicles can be toxic places. We cannot control what products are used. For example, child care centers are heavily regulated, but safe paints and healthy mattresses are not included in those regulations. As long as the paint lead-free, it is deemed safe. Research tells us that there is more to it. I attended a birthday party at a popular play place recently and the equipment was being cleaned by spraying Lysol throughout the entire facility. As someone who has an extremely mild form of asthma, I could notice the difference in my breathing right away. Lesson learned, you cannot control what is not yours.

What we have to do is manage the areas that are in our control. Your baby will spend many hours in the nursery sleeping, playing, nursing and bonding making it the most important place to go green! You want to create a haven for baby. Whether on the floor, sleeping or simply playing, your baby’s immune system should be allowed to recover in your home, especially the nursery.

 Guest post by Sheneq Aranda


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