Health Starts at Home

When it comes to the New Year, we resolve to stick to eating plans and exercise regimes in efforts boost our health. But did you know that many of the culprits that contribute to health issues are the products we bring inside our homes? Found in air fresheners and conventional cleaning products to paints and furniture, toxic chemicals create a low-level “chemical soup” in the very place our family sleeps, eats, lives and grows. In fact, the EPA says our indoor air is up to 200 times more toxic than the outdoors. The good news? We have the power to create clean homes, and thus healthier families. By focusing on safe cleaning products alone, wonders can be done for our family’s short- and longterm health.

Along with my aunt, Marilee Nelson, and best friend, Kelly Love, I founded Branch Basics, a beyond non-toxic, human-safe cleaning soap company in 2010. In fact, our first batch was mixed in the back of New Living and although we’ve grown quite a bit since then, this store will always be our home and we’re proud to be their soap of choice! We are certified Bau (“building”) Biologists and Marilee is one of the world’s top experts on environmental and dietary health, having consulted with thousands across the country for over 20 years. We truly hope you’ll join us as we share our powerful stories and leave you with easy, practical steps to make your home truly clean for 2014. 

We look forward to seeing and empowering you to embark on a “cleanse” your entire family will benefit from!
To learn more about cleansing your home of toxins please join Branch Basic Founders at New Living, January 9th from 5pm to 7pm!
Guest post by Allison Evans

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