Greetings from New Living's First Intern

If you are familiar at all with the store and the wonderful people who work inside, you may have noticed a new addition to the team. That new addition would be me, Megan McPherson, and I have been serving as New Living’s merchandising intern for about a month now. The staff at New Living has taken on the task of not only starting a new business but also teaching someone completely foreign to their business all of the ropes… what a load! In the coming months I will be helping New Living maintain and display their store merchandise while also assisting in the big move into our newly finished and fabulous store!

As far as scholastic internships go, I must admit that I probably have the coolest one around and my friends certainly don’t hesitate to remind me every time the topic of their job or internship comes up. Seriously, who at my age gets the opportunity to be a part of a business being started from the ground up, let alone a business that will revolutionize the world of green thinking and living in the city of Houston? It’s an honor to be working for such an innovative and thoughtful company and I don’t forget that every day when I step inside of New Living. Not only am I learning what goes behind building a business but I am also learning how to make myself a more eco-conscious person as well.

With that said, I invite you to come into the store and check out the progress that takes place on a daily basis. While you’re at it, be sure to say a quick hello to me and take a stab at quizzing me on any of our products, as I learn something new about them each and every day!


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