“There was a time when the safest place for a child was home.” The music begins and the video reads nostalgia for the past, when kids played in sun drenched yards, ate pure food, and played with hand-made toys. It was a time when our grandmothers cleaned with soap and water, and tucked their kids in under pure wool blankets. This video, by Healthy Child Healthy World is a must-see. The message is powerful and clear: our kids live and breathe in a chemical-filled world, and the only solution is to go back to the basics!

Going back to basics, there is no question that parents today are more conscious about their children’s health than ever before. But the message that has gained the most resonance seems to be focused on food. While this is a great achievement that we should all be happy about, it doesn’t provide all the answers we need. Healthy eating is just one part of a healthy life.

Our hope at New Living is to show our customers that, when it comes to your little ones, it’s not just about the food you feed them.

We breathe more than we eat. According to Healthy Child Healthy World, young children — who breathe faster than adults — inhale 50% more air per pound of body weight. The EPA states that most of the toxins in the home enter the air from things like building materials and cleaning products.  Breathing these chemicals is found to be the leading cause of asthma and respiratory diseases in children.

Helping customers to create a healthy nursery has always been one of the top priorities at New Living.  We offer a range of products that include, whole house water filtration systems, non-toxic paint and organic mattresses and bedding to name a few.

We get customers from all walks of life, willing to do whatever they can to make their homes safer for their on-the-way angels. But, going green can sometimes seem expensive and customers are left wondering how important it is to buy healthy organic products for the nursery? The good news is that you don’t need to do it all at once. A few “baby steps” can make a big difference.

Does everything need to be organic?

New Living’s goal is to make healthy homes accessible and affordable for Houstonians. All parents and children deserve to know how to make their homes healthy. We also believe that if you shop smart, mixing organic with the mainstream if you must, you can gradually and affordably build a non-toxic environment for your children.

In an ideal world, everything your baby touched, wore, breathed, and smelled would be free of toxic chemicals. But aiming for ideal can be expensive.  We recommend prioritizing what’s most important for your child and shopping around that.

Check out the second half of this piece, which goes deeper into how to prioritize when designing a healthy, green nursery!



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