Carpet & Area Rugs


Milled in Belgium
Wool is from Europe and New Zealand
Natural Material Flooring


Product Information
Our carpet vendors strive to find the most responsibly sourced wool and carpet materials. Any of our carpet options can be turned into an area rug



We have the best installers in town and a great selection of eco-friendly carpet products from wool to seagrass to jute. Wool carpet with an all natural or recycled pad is the cleaned and greenest and most durable option for those rooms that need carpet. We also offer some amazing and non-toxic blended carpets that have great styles and won’t break the bank!Seagrass Carpet
Seagrass is perfect if you are looking for undyed natural fiber and a natural texture. Seagrass is a resistant floor covering that is grown in sea water – once harvested and dried it is spun into yarn. This material makes beautiful carpets that have a rustic charm. We can also create custom area rugs for you from these products.Product Information: Under very moist conditions, seagrass can be susceptible to mold and mildew. Never use seagrass in a below grade or damp setting. In humid areas use seagrass only in climate controlled or well ventilated rooms. Seagrass is undyed; therefore it will show natural variations in color. Seagrass responds to changes in humidity by expanding and contracting. The loose weave may result in some bowing and latex bleed-through. New seagrass has a natural hay scent that will dissipate in time.100% Wool Carpets

  • All Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • CRI Green Label Plus Approved
  • Durable and Long lasting- naturally crush resistant
  • Filters Allergens and Dust
  • LEED Compliant
  • No Insect Resists
  • Rapidly Renewable Resources
  • Ultra Low Toxicity
  • Fire-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Stain and soil resistant

Jute Area Rug
This textural and distinctive group of products is woven from undyed natural jute, a soft, flexible fiber that performs well as a floor covering material. Jute is selected for fiber length, flexibility, strength, and luster and the fibers are carefully spun to produce strong, consistent yarns. Jute designs feature thick, bold weave structures that are comfortable underfoot and add a distinctive element of texture to a room.