Steel and Zinc


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Recycled Content Countertop


Product Information
One of the popular kinds of countertops for kitchens is the stainless steel countertops. This is because it is a durable material that goes well with any kind of kitchen appliance and design that also ensures easy food preparation guided by hygiene. One continuous counter can be made with stainless steel and the materials can be shaped in a way that it accommodates the sinks, cook tops, stoves, and even accessories like the cutting board, drain board and dispensers. Other stainless steel countertops can be made stand-alone or put together with larger custom assemblies. They can either stand on legs so that cabinetry is not required to support the counter.
Stainless steel countertops provide the kitchen with a rugged and dent resistant finish that is sure to last you a lifetime. There will be no need to get repairs on cracks or breaks. It is a chic and contemporary choice that makes a kitchen look professional. It is stain resistant and it’s the only surface that you can use for your countertop that can be bleached. There are some stainless steel countertops that include a brush or textured finish to help hide scratches, which is sadly the downside to using stainless steel in countertops. The sinks can be in the same material and it can be welded to the counter, creating a unified cohesive look. You can also get your kitchen backsplash to continue the line of the countertop.

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