10 fun things to do on an Organic Mattress

10 fun things to do on an Organic Mattress

Besides what you might be thinking, we’re proponents of maximizing the health benefits of an organic mattress in lots of other ways. Here are 10 of our favorite suggestions…

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1. Have a toxin free sleep. You breathe enough chemicals throughout the day. Sleep is one of the few controlled exposures where you can really protect yourself.
2. Take a siesta! Studies have shown that a 20 minute power nap can lower stress, improve heart and overall health, and increase productivity. That’s why we’re scheduling siestas (for our team in the afternoon) at our Heights store, and inviting anyone and everyone over for “Free Naps” any other time! Please see extended store hours for Heights below.
3. Eat an organic frozen breakfast popsicle– A B POP!– made by some of our closest friends in Houston!
4. Share your bed with your pet. We are proud to say that our shop dog Tilly is going strong at 15+ years old, we call her the Benjamin Button of Dogs because of how healthy she is. She has slept organic for over six years now, and we would never dream of letting her sleep on a normal mattress.
5. Practice Nidra Yoga! This can be one of the most restorative things you can do, in bed, before going to sleep. Look for an announcement about a monthly Nidra Yoga class at our Heights location starting this fall with our friend Lauren Tennant from Yoga Collective. 
6. Cuddle. Studies have shown that when we cuddle with a partner it literally releases serotonin and dopamine, meaning we’re happier when we cuddle. Cuddle therapy is all the rage in the Northwest right now with professional cuddles and cuddle studios. Seriously. We might not have this in Houston, but we have Tilly and she’s an incredible cuddlier. We are always happy to rent her, for free by the hour.. Please let us know if you ever want to schedule a cuddle session on an organic mattress with our shop dog and we’ll make it happen. 
7. Sleep cooler! Because our mattresses aren’t made with a bed of poly-based oil, they sleep cooler.
8. Read your favorite book, or a Zine from Thirty Magazines at NLB, 30 minutes before you go to sleep. 
9. Dream– by practicing many of these healthy habits, it should make it easier to have better dreams. Dreams allow us as humans to be as honest and authentic as we can possibly be with ourselves. 
10. Do what’s natural! The other benefit to sleeping on pure botanical foam, as opposed to memory foam, is that you don’t sink into your bed. There’s nothing natural about sinking into your bed during intimacy. Everything is better on an organic mattress;)

As mentioned above we have just started a siesta hour at our Heights location Monday-Friday from 2-3 pm. Our new store hours during the week (for Heights location only) are Monday-Friday 10-7 pm with a siesta hour for our employees from 2-3 pm.



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