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JW Marriott’s new downtown Houston hotel has taken historic preservation to a new level.

DSC_0600The 328-room hotel inside the exquisitely restored 104 year old Samuel F. Carter building contains lobby furnishings made from locally sourced wood, some of which is three times older than the building.

The building at 806 Main is the hotel brand’s first adaptive reuse project in Texas, and the Marriott team wanted it to embrace and support the local community.

So they teamed up with us to produce a series of custom furniture made from fallen timber and recycled wood and other materials.

The hotel’s massive 14-foot long community table came from a fallen walnut tree found in Denton, Texas. You can buy the same table we made for JW Marriott here!

Our series of oak coffee tables were carved by artisans from a solid piece of Water Oak, originally pulled and milled IMG_6033on site by one of New Living’s artisans on the banks of the Brazos River.

Reclaimed woodThe beautifully designed Basso coffee tables are made of several hundred year old antique heart pine that served as the beams for approximately 100 years for the El Mercado building in Downtown until the building was excavated and the original material was pulled out of the building by our team members this summer.

“It’s an honor to be a part of a project that went to this level that carried it through its vision of historic preservation. New Living loves building pieces that record memory and tell an authentic story about where they come from” said Jeff Kaplan, New Living co-founder.

DSC_0631Located in the historic Carter building at 806 Main, the JW Marriott with 328 rooms is a great option for anyone travelling business or leisure. The luxurious hotel offers a full service spa, fitness center and kitchen and is close to some of Houston’s greatest attractions via public transit.

We are a certified B-corp dedicated to the mission of clean, localized production with fallen timber and reclaimed materials, that improve the health and well being of the environment. We also also work with clients to build custom designs. Our motto, “let’s build together” allows us to take a community-driven approach to design.

Our friend, Gabe Canales, after beating cancer at the young age of 35. He made major changes to his life, starting with a commitment to better food, and he has since decided to devote his life to integrative solutions to fighting cancer by raising awareness of environmental factors on our health. Gabe is from our city, and he is changing lives all over the country.

Gabe was able to tour Naturepedic’s factory last week, where all of their organic mattresses are hand-made by a community of Amish artisans. Here’s a post about his trip, courtesy of

Our product of the week is the Naturepedic mattress. We are selling our floor models for 40% off to make way for their new line.

And if you’re still not convinced, please take a minute to watch New Living Jingle #1 by Melissa Eason !

We’ve made the decision to carry just one line of ultra-premium non-toxic paint that’s perfectly designed for Houston – Mythic Paint. In Houston’s insanely humid climate, where paint can take days to cure, it isn’t enough to just offer the least toxic paint you can find; you just can’t take chances here. We realize we have to offer a product that also out-performs based on coverage and durability.

And we’re also lowering prices so you can give your family the gift of a healthier room or home whether you’re rich or middle class. And if you’re not either of those categories, call us and we’ll do everything we can to make it work within your budget; we’re a B Corp and our mission is Healthy Homes. For Everyone!

Starting today our average price per gallon of Mythic eggshell will be $42/gallon. No gimmicks or sales– if we can keep our volume up we plan to keep our prices here, and hopefully lower them more. You won’t find a better non-toxic paint in the City!

Inspired by the original bed we built for one of our favorite couples Justin and Karen Yu of Oxheart, this is a sweet story.

Before Karen was a famous pastry chef, she was our first intern, right after she had left her corporate accounting job for a more artistic, independent path. We had recently worked with Oxheart and their designer gindesigns to get their restaurant open, and all of the furniture was sourced from reclaimed wood from Houston and made by hand by the NL community. Justin and Karen wanted a bed to go with it. Their bed has now evolved to a crafted, designed bed that is always made w reclaimed, mixed-species wood and natural finishes.

We love making special beds that tell a story to go with our handmade organic mattresses.

We just launched it on our online store, you can view it here.

1. Blackwood Land is hosting a one day conference called Gulf Coast Bioneers this Sunday at Blackwood’s farm in Hempstead, TX. Blackwood is Houston’s best kept secret! We’ve been a supporter of Blackwood’s nature facility and teaching farm for years.

Gulf Coast Bioneers, a Bioneers Resilient Communities Network Event, is a Houston event that supports building resilience from the ground up by showcasing and participating in local breakthrough environmental and social justice solutions while strengthening community bonds. Scholarships are available for those in need of financial aid.

There is also a farm dinner afterward featuring local Chefs Dillon and Denver Kao. The menu is South Indian inspired and infused with Blackwood’s produce. This is the best value for a farm dinner of this kind! Tickets are only $50, but there are only a few left. Carpooling is available. Please email Molly Schriber ( if you need a ride or can offer a ride.

2. We’re really excited to be launching some new products made by local artisans in our community. We will be offering some exclusive launch sales on Facebook next week, make sure to ‘like us’ so you can support our hard-working community!

3. Paint a healthy room before Thanksgiving. from now until Thanksgiving, we will be offering 20% off all Mythic paint. come into our Rice Village store and see how we can make your home a little brighter and healthier.

4. Our weekly block party, with Ripe Cuisine Food Truck and free beer from Buffalo Brewery, every Thursday from 6-9 PM in the Rice Village. Check out the invite below!

5. Ride a Bike! The Bayou Bikers have a ride planned for this Sunday at 8 a.m. at Market Square downtown for our monthly bayou bike ride.  The weather looks absolutely perfect with an overnight low in the mid-60’s and highs in the mid-70s, and zero percent chance of rain. The group will ride the bayou loop, heading down Buffalo Bayou to Brady’s Landing and the Ship Channel, and then head back up Brays Bayou before returning downtown via the Columbia Tap, for a total of just over 20 leisurely miles. Everyone is welcome!

6. Vote! Healthy communities need everyone to make their voice heard. Early voting ends on October 31st, so if you don’t get a chance, make your voice heard this Tuesday, November 4th. Visit to find your precinct and all information on voting.

7. Breath Easy with an Air Plant Bed! Have you seen our artisan made Air Plant Bed? Eric Rosprim made this unique bed, so clean air, healthy plants, and good books will be close to you when you sleep.

8. Speaking of sleep, enjoy the extra hour of sleep sometime this weekend. Just a reminder, this weekend is Daylight Savings Time, so turn your clocks back and wake up feeling a bit more refreshed.

9. Clean your home with Branch Basics. Having a clean home feels great, and when it’s clean because of locally made, completely non-toxic cleaning materials, well that can’t be beat.

10. One of our favorite events, Sunday Streets is back this weekend, with a very interesting path down Alameda and Elgin. If you can’t make it to Bioneers, our friends at Cite put together a great unofficial guide to the route. It’ll be a perfect day to walk around the city.